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Introducing... School of Lasting Love,
where conscious singles like to come to unlock their true, untapped potential in love.


We offer fun & empowering programs, courses, and workshops where you meet new people -- Plus, learn cutting-edge, effective ways that 10x your efforts to find and create lasting love.

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✔️ Develop the skills and insights you need to effortlessly manifest your dream relationship...

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Message from Dumari,
Owner of The School Of Lasting Love 

Hola! I'm Dumari St. Angelo, The True Love Coach.

I've walked the path of transformation into lasting love myself. Through my own personal journey, including a divorce that inspired my #1 Amazon Bestseller, The Gift of Divorce, A Journey of Empowerment Through Self-Love, I discovered the creative power of universal Love and its ability to bring lasting, fulfilling love into my life. Now, I'm here to share my wisdom and guide you toward your own incredible love story.

As a Life Transformed® Coach, channel for The White Light Council, hypnotherapist, and lifelong student of love, metaphysics, and manifesting, I've honed my expertise over 30+ years. Through The School of Lasting Love (SOLL), I've developed powerful programs, courses, and workshops that quantum leap your love life to its highest potential.

I understand that the journey to finding love can be challenging and sometimes painful, which is why I’m committed to being there for you every step of the way.

Whether you're new to the dating scene or a seasoned pro, we have the support and guidance you need to find true, lasting love!

If you are interested and ready to...

Connect With Your True Self (Aka Your Soul) fall in love with who you really are and discover your power to manifest the relationship you really want…

Make Your Dates Fun & Memorable

...and create a deep, heart-based connection with others…


Tap Into Your Intuition guide you through dating with more clarity and confidence, helping you find your soul partner faster and more easily…

Get ready to transform your love life!

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