Hola! I'm Dumari St. Angelo, The True Love Coach. I am delighted you’re here!

I am the owner of The School Of Lasting Love with Meetup groups all over the US and Canada. I am also the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller, The Gift of Divorce, A Journey of Empowerment Through Self-Love. 

My divorce and a deep desire to experience lasting, fulfilling love became the catalyst for creating the life I've always dreamed of. One that is full of love and joy! 

It is my purpose and passion to show others how they can magnify true love in their own lives, including finding an amazing soul partner. I do that through fun, heart-opening workshops and life-transforming coaching programs.

My quest for true love has led me to become a Life Transformed® Coach, channel for The White Light Council, hypnotherapist, and lifelong student of love, metaphysics and manifesting. The tools and knowledge I’ve gained through my 30+ years of experience delving deep into deliberate creation principles and relationships have helped me create powerful programs to help others experience higher-quality love in their lives.

What Got Me Here…


I know what it’s like to be hurt and disappointed in relationships. To feel lonely after a divorce or a breakup. To be frustrated and disillusioned with the dating scene. I understand what it's like to long to find true love with someone amazing who is just perfect for me, and yet wonder if they even exist.

I also know what it is like to fall madly in love with myself and my life. To trust myself, others, and "the universe" in the process of finding true love. And to enjoy a life that is even more magical, fulfilling, happier, and full of love than I ever imagined!

If you want to move past pain and disappointment in past relationships or dating, and finally create a life full of high-quality love and joyful experiences, I am here to tell you that you CAN! You ABSOLUTELY CAN!

As we awaken to the divine power of love within us to manifest anything we desire, including the loving relationships we yearn for, we heal and empower ourselves from within. We fall in love with ourselves, others, and our lives. As we do this, we amplify the experience of true love in this world. 

Would you like to live in a world that is full of love, harmony, and joy? Is that a Yes?! 

Then, let's create it together!