Finding true love brings incredible joy…


Unleash the power of love within you to create the relationship you desire and embark on a journey that transcends mere romance.

Discovering true love, a love that goes beyond finding your perfect match, brings you a feeling of deep joy and peace beyond anything you can imagine!

This is what you get to experience when working with me privately. While I assist countless individuals in their quest for a soul partner, through this journey you end up gaining so much more!

You know that there is more to it than finding your “Guy” or “Girl” and you understand that REAL, lasting love means loving, valuing, and believing in yourself, feeling alive and connected to something greater, as well as, experiencing that delicious love reflected back to you by the most amazing soul partner who is perfect for you-

(Plus, if you’re done with the disappointment, confusion, and feeling like you’re missing something important, that’s another reason to keep reading!)

Because you’re here on this Earth to experience and express the essence of love that you are. To create magical opportunities to love and be loved.

You are a soul in a human body desiring to meet your soul-mate.

You are a powerful divine CREATOR who creates your reality.

You create with your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions.

And you want to create and experience higher-quality love, joy, and connection. 

That is what lights you up and you want more of that! 

However, you find yourself experiencing obstacles that hinder the love you crave, and these are slowing you down.

To attract a loving relationship and the deep connection true love brings, we must laser-focus on the areas where you find yourself stuck.

This means we take your concrete love life questions like…

How and where do I meet someone who has the qualities I’m looking for? 

After I meet them, how do I smoothly move the relationship forward?

What’s blocking me from attracting someone I'm both excited to be with and is also excited to be with me?? 

How can I create an emotional connection with someone I’m interested in?

How do I heal the pain from my past relationships so that I stop repeating old patterns?


We’re basically looking at, “How do I get out of my own way and make it easier?”


Sometimes there’s just a blindspot or missing piece of knowledge, and voilà you’re on your way and rocking and rolling (I love it when it’s that simple and it can be that simple).

Other times it means we need to work at the level of deeply held beliefs, patterns of behavior, mindsets, confidence issues, fears, etc.

When we transform these kinds of blocks with the help of your soul (aka Higher Self), you’ll experience clarity, and confidence, and become a strong magnet to your ideal partner. 


If you’re intrigued by this style of love coaching, then I have an invitation for you.

It’s an invitation to quantum leap your love life with ease and grace.

Invitation To The Conscious Single Who Is Seeking
True, Lasting Love

Are you…

  1. Ready to find your soul partner in a way that is exciting, fulfilling, and supportive of your heart's true desires?
  2. Eager to tap into an inner source of divine creative power in order to make quantum leaps in both your life and your love life?
  3. Dedicated to experiencing true love, yet completely done with the disappointment, confusion, and frustration in trying to find it?
  4.  Desiring to fall deeply in love with your true self, and attract a high-quality partner who reflects that love back to you?
  5. No longer willing to let fears and self-sabotaging patterns prevent you from finding and keeping your ideal partner?
  6. Wanting a clear, personalized strategy based on your soul’s guidance to attract the love you desire?
  7. Interested in deeply partnered, personalized coaching and the reveling of opportunities you haven’t yet been able to see for yourself?
  8. Ready to find and keep the love you know you are meant to experience once and for all? 


If you find yourself answering “YES!” to these questions


Then let’s talk.

Because I help conscious singles like you who are yearning to experience deep love, FIND it, KEEP it, and BE it. I help you: 


  • Fall in love with yourself by connecting to your soul's unconditional love for you to experience the healing and empowerment this brings in all areas of your life.


  • Transform long-held painful patterns by healing your heart from past hurts. 


  • Overcome fears that have been sabotaging your efforts to bring in high-quality love.


  • Identify and remove subconscious blocks preventing your ideal partner from coming into your life.


  • Discover how to apply universal laws to manifest your special person in the fastest and most powerful way.


  • Tap into your inner guidance and soul’s wisdom to guide you to the fulfilling soul partnership you are seeking.


  • Connect and communicate with your ideal partner's soul even before you meet on the physical plane so that you can more easily find each other.


  • Bring in the support of your own Spiritual Support Team (Higher Self, spirit guides, and angels) and step into the quantum field to transform your love life to be even better and easier than you ever imagined!


  • Discover the missing links in your love life, whether they’re related to communication skills, dating skills, relationship skills, or beliefs and mindsets. We’ll resolve them gracefully. 


NOTE: I only have a few more spots available for 1:1 coaching clients, so if you meet these special qualifications and are serious about calling in 'the one,' I invite you to schedule a complimentary Love Breakthrough Session now.

We’ll discuss your love life, where the real potential is, and what’s getting in the way of you making this a reality in your life.

Click here to request a Love Breakthrough Session

It’s my great pleasure to work with singles who are ready to stand in their power and be guided by their soul to the love they desire and deserve.

If this is you, it would be my honor to take this a step further and for us to have a conversation!

Until then,


Raving Clients... 


"I am so happy that my Guy and I finally found each other... even during Covid! He is everything I wanted and more! He's the perfect man for me."

- Amy


"Finally found the man that can match me intellectually, lead me spiritually, has the capacity to hold me & motivates me to be my best self. Thank you, Dumari."



“Couldn’t have done this without you, Dumari! I tell my life partner how beyond grateful I am for you!”