All aboard! Embark on this VIRTUAL VOYAGE TO THE ISLES OF H.E.A.R.T.S. with Dumari St. Angelo as your Cruise Director!

Imagine your transformation into a powerful love magnet to attract your ideal romantic relationship! 

Take the guesswork out of finding true love, with all the key tools & empowering processes you will ever need to attract your heart’s desire and magnetize with confidence, excitement and playfulness.

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"When I was married and feeling profoundly unloved, I would dream about a man (but I couldn’t see him) who made me feel so safe and loved and happy. I am so happy that my Guy and I finally found each other…even during Covid!

 “He is everything I wanted and more! He is the perfect man for me. Thank you, Dumari, for being there for me through this journey.”

-Amy F.









This is Your Cruise Director Speaking...


  • Do you long to be with someone special who really “gets you,” someone you feel connected to, and values you?
  • Are you feeling down because you don’t have that special person in your life right now?
  • Do you wonder if this special person even exists?
  • Have you been hurt in the past and need help to heal, so you can open your heart up to love again?
  • Are you ready for true love, but don’t know if you’ll ever find it?

What if you had a compass to guide your heart on a step-by-step voyage as you sail towards falling in love with the most important being in your life—YOU, and from there, attracting someone who reflects that beautiful love back to you?

Don’t let your soulmate pass you by like 2 ships in the night!

Become a powerful love magnet instead for your ideal romantic relationship!

At the heart of your happiness is the experience of love. It’s the difference between feeling whole and connected, or empty and alone.

You already know you want to experience the joy and comfort that true love brings. 

You are finally ready to become a magnet for true love as you sail towards that which your heart, mind and soul truly seeks!

If you’ve been wondering, But, how?

This is your BIG moment…

So, get excited...Chart your course and...

Go island hopping with other love seekers on this fun and experiential 10-month Virtual Cruise that will completely transform your love life!

Join in the hunt for buried treasure (the love you seek) and become a magnet for your ideal romantic relationship!

Follow Dumari’s Signature System, “The H.E.A.R.T.S. Way to Your New Life” like a map guiding you step-by-step towards the relationship of your dreams!

So, Welcome Aboard! We’re here for you!

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Dumari’s Guestbook Love Notes

Real results from other love seekers who have found true love and happiness from a place of wholeness, self-love, and heart connection.

“I found my Guy!”

“Thanks to working with Dumari, I found my Guy! After two divorces and my share of heartbreaks, I finally found “the perfect One” for me!

- Johanna G

“I was feeling alone and disconnected. But now, thanks to this program, I’ve felt plugged-in to the universal Love, which brings peace to the core of my being, and lets me carry hope and magic into each day.”

- Michelle D

“Each session with Dumari has brought life-changing experiences to me.  I’ve healed my heart and have gained a new level of confidence to move forward with clarity and excitement.”

- Mariam K

“Dumari has taken me on the greatest, most fulfilling journey of my life!!! I see what my purpose is now with great clarity, and I am excited to start the next chapter in my story.  If you are looking for love, work with Dumari – she's a speakerphone for the angels and you’ll find comfort and power in her guidance!”

- Anna S

"I’m amazed at all the little and big manifestations in my life since I started working with Dumari…from more money coming in, to my relationship with my daughter getting much better! It’s like magic! And, the shift that I felt since our last session has been profound.  I love and accept myself much more now…and thanks to that, I now feel ready to meet my Guy."

- Alex R

"Dumari's magical gifts helped me transform from the inside out. I learned to shift my energy, release previous hurts and start creating the life I desire. Her approach and tools are simple and easy to apply. And they work!"

- Lisa H

Meet your Cruise Director

Life Transformed® Coach and Bestselling Author Dumari St. Angelo is no stranger to the pain of heartbreak and the quest for true love. 

Through her own journey of empowerment through self-love, as a result of her divorce, Dumari discovered that whatever past challenges you may have gone through–a divorce, a breakup or heartbreak- they are opportunities to love yourself more, let go of what is holding you back and to step into your best, most fulfilling life!

“I am honored and delighted to guide you beyond fear, hurt, and limiting beliefs to help you create a new life you will absolutely LOVE full of ease, self-love, and confidence. Together, with the help of our Spiritual Support Teams, we can tap into your Soul’s greatest vision for your love life and follow my “H.E.A.R.T.S. Way to Your New Life” process to manifest that vision in the most magical and empowering way!”

The Rainbow After The Storm

Looking back now, I remember that whatever was happening between my husband and I was tearing my heart in two. After 16 years of marriage, we were no longer happy. Even though I had married my best friend, he was now a stranger.  My friend was gone.  The love lost. And, in its place...only pain and sadness remained. Things had changed between us and I my gut...something was terribly wrong.

It was two days after Christmas and there I was in bed…sobbing and feeling alone, abandoned, and afraid. I felt unloved, inadequate and confused. My hopes and dreams were lost. And, I was so scared! Scared about being alone. Scared that I would not experience true love ever again. Scared at what the future might hold.

Have you ever felt this way?

As I lay there heartbroken...begging for clarity and comfort, I heard my Spiritual Support Team (my Angels, Guides, and Soul) say,

“Your husband’s Soul is giving you a gift. Love is the answer, and the answer is within you. You are the source of the love you seek. No one else.”

At that moment I embarked on an amazing voyage of HEALING, SELF-DISCOVERY, and EMPOWERMENT.

I started…HEALING my heart.

I started…RECONNECTING with my true self, falling in love with me, and DISCOVERING my soul’s highest vision for my life.

I started…EMPOWERING myself in new ways, like believing in myself, speaking up for myself, and saying “No” to what I didn’t want and “Yes” to my heart’s calling! And I also let go of fears and beliefs that were limiting me.

Even though this process was a painful one at the beginning, I wouldn’t change it for anything! Because thanks to it, I started seeing the life of my dreams unfolding before me.

Every area of my life shifted for the better, but most importantly, I was no longer feeling unloved, not good enough, not beautiful enough. I was no longer afraid of being alone. And love started showing up in my life from everywhere! children, my old and new friends, a beautiful soulmate, and even my ex!

And, this can happen to you, too!

Why I set out on this Voyage of Discovery...

My Spiritual Support Team says that my Soul has designed the major events in my life and attracted people to me, so that I would eventually fulfill my Soul’s purpose of empowering others to remember their true divine identity... and ultimately, learn to use this ‘knowing’ and inner power to help free themselves from limitations and live their greatest lives.

As we love, heal, and empower ourselves from within, we become magnets for love and goodness throughout our lives. And, as we shift our lives with the power of Love, we are then able to transform the world!

Would you like to transform the world and make a beautiful difference in your life and the lives of others? Yes?! Then, let’s create that love-filled world together!

Is your heart calling you to join this magical quest for True Love?

This Love Cruise was inspired by my Spiritual Support Team over 6 years ago. They told me there was a special group who would join me on an awesome journey to find “the One” by first finding themselves, and then emitting a magnetic attraction to their soulmate. 

Four months ago the Team told me, “All hands on deck! The time to gather your Passengers together is now!”

Is destiny calling you? Is your heart telling you to be part of this special Group...on this amazing journey? Are you ready to find your soulmate and tap into your divine power to manifest your heart’s desires?

Yes, Dumari! I want to join the waitlist.

What treasure will you discover on this journey?

Imagine that you are about to embark on a magical voyage designed to help you become a magnet for your ideal romantic relationship from a place of wholeness, self-love, and heart connection.

Cruise towards wholeness and self-awareness and begin to heal.  Learn the key tools and empowering processes to bring forth the relationship your heart truly desires with confidence, excitement, and playfulness!

Over the course of this fun and experiential Virtual Cruise (Group-Coaching Program), you will: 

  • Be guided by your soul towards the love you truly seek
  • Reconnect with yourself and fall in love with you
  • Heal your heart
  • Overcome fears and other subconscious blocks preventing your ideal partner to come into your life
  • Learn how to manifest the love of your dreams supported by the universe in every way
  • Become a magnet for true Love!

"I no longer feel afraid of what used to be my #1 fear—never meeting or being with my soulmate! I finally feel free! I now know I don’t need a soulmate in my life…and at the same time, I also know he’s coming.  I’ve connected with his soul and I’m so excited!"

- Kathleen S.

Your 10-month Virtual Cruise Itinerary

“The H.E.A.R.T.S. Way to Your New Life” 6-Step Process

Port Hope

Here’s where your magical H.E.A.R.T.S. Way voyage begins!

We depart from Port Hope where you will:

  • Start preparing for your fun adventure and receive everything you need to make sure you have a successful voyage!
  • Get your special divine Passport that gives you access to infinite possibilities 
  • Choose your preferred Vessel: cruise ship, sailboat or motor boat!
  • Meet your divine Crew (your Spiritual Support Team)
  • Lighten your Load (leave the heavy baggage behind)
  • Set your GPS to your desired destination

Let’s talk.

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Schedule a complimentary “True Love Breakthrough Session" with Dumari here or email Dumari’s team at [email protected].

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Journey to the Isles of H.E.A.R.T.S.

We’re going island hopping!

H - HEAL Your Heart (Island)

Heal the Pain. Love the parts of you that feel unloved, rejected, unworthy, abandoned, lonely, etc. so that you can open your heart and experience more love in your life.

E - EMBRACE Your True Self (Island)

  • Reconnect with Yourself. Reconnect with your passions, your inner power and wisdom. Connect with your true self (your Soul) who adores you and loves you unconditionally, so that you can experience how infinitely loved you really are.
  • Date yourself. Have fun getting to know you, being with you, making yourself a priority, and enjoying your own company.
  • Learn what loving yourself really looks like. Learn the 4 keys to loving yourself fully.
  • Fall in love with yourself. As your relationship with yourself develops, you’ll find you are becoming your best friend and falling in love with you. You may even decide to marry yourself! And, then, your soulmate will have to share you with you!

A - ACCESS Your Soul’s Highest Vision (Island)

Clarity of Vision. Discover your Soul’s highest vision and purpose for your love life, so that you have a compelling and joyful destination to move towards.

R - REMOVE Blocks to Your Vision (Island)

  • Free Yourself from Self-Sabotaging Patterns. Start discovering and clearing blocks (i.e. fears and limiting beliefs) to your highest vision, so that you stop sabotaging yourself from having the relationship you really desire.
  • Shift Your Fears. We attract what we fear! So shifting fears like, “I’m afraid of being alone. I’m afraid of getting hurt again. What if my ideal partner doesn’t exist? What if I’m too old, too picky, not beautiful enough?” etc. is important so that you can experience the love you desire more easily.
  • Release energetic attachments to ex-lovers. Energetic connections and vows can keep us attached to past lovers and prevent us from moving on. Consciously release and clear all energetic cords and vows.

T - TRANSFORM Into Your Vision (Island)

  • Align with Your Highest, Most Joyful Vision. Your thoughts create! Learn how to manifest your heart’s desires with more power and ease by aligning your thoughts, words and actions with your vision. Apply universal laws of manifestation (i.e. Law of Attraction and Law of Assumption) in a fun and playful way to magnetize the most delicious loving relationships into your life. 
  • Make a soul connection with your soulmate before you meet in the physical. Call in the “One” for you at a soul level. Invite your soulmate’s soul to come into your life and start connecting with them now.

S - Solicit the Universe’s Support (Island)

Solicit the Universe’s Support. Learn how to ask and receive the universe’s support so that you experience more ease, synchronicities, and opportunities opening up for you. This awesome part adds a lot more magic and fun to your adventure! Call in your Spiritual Support Team and the Romance Angels to sprinkle some magic over you and your love path!

Port Power

At journey’s end is Port Power, where you put it all together and take this amazing experience to heart, to mind, and into your daily life!

Start Magnetizing True Love Now!

Get ready to open yourself up to new possibilities and start creating your best life yet. You’ll stop looking outside of yourself for love and happiness, because you will find it within. You’ll fall in love with yourself and attract true love from the “One” who will fall in love with the true you. 



20 group calls

(2 sessions/month) over Zoom video conference. Recordings of each call.

($3,000 Value)

Bonus Calls!

7 Additional Bonus Calls with Expert Guests (and hot seats!)

($2,100 Value)

1:1 2hr Soul Session with Dumari

Connect with your Soul and get answers to your most pressing questions. (Limited Spots available!)

($600 Value)


To support your transformation and success:

  • Home Play Assignments to integrate the content and information received during the calls
  • Meditations:
    • The H.E.A.R.T.S. Way Meditations
      • Heal Your Heart
      • Embrace Your True Self
      • Access Your Soul’s Highest
      • Vision for Your Life
      • Remove Blocks to Your Soul’s Vision
      • Transform Into Your Soul’s Vision
      • Solicit the Universe’s Support
      • The H.E.A.R.T.S. Way Meditation
    • Becoming a Powerful Magnet for Love
    • Releasing Energetic Attachments to Ex-Lovers
    • Remembering Your Future with Your Soulmate
($600 Value)
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My vision for you...

This virtual voyage is ultimately about connecting you with the beautiful, bright light within yourself. It's about reawakening a magical flame of love within you that makes you an energetic magnet to True Love.

It is about healing your heart and accessing another reality where there is more joy, more connection, and more love...because you have decided to fall in love with yourself!

This life-transforming voyage shows you how to access the power of Love within you to manifest your heart's desires and how to receive the universe's support in doing so.

I am here as your Cruise Director, to guide you (on behalf of your “Love Captain,” your Soul), as we embark on this voyage of a lifetime together and set sail with love in our hearts in anticipation of a bright new beginning on the horizon.

“Working with Dumari has been the best decision of my lifetime. For the first time in my life, I am truly happy! Dumari provided a concise format to get me on my highest path. I feel on purpose and so happy!”

- Linda G

And, that’s not all...
Register now and get instant access to these awesome bonuses: 

Dumari’s best selling E-book: The Gift of Divorce, A Journey of Empowerment Through Self-Love

($15 Value)

Dumari’s "The Ultimate Guide to Dating Yourself" An experiential, in-depth guide on how to love yourself and the most comprehensive self-dating manual on the market based on the 5 love languages!

($60 Value)

“True Love Tribe” FB Group.
A supportive online Facebook community and safe space to share experiences with other like-minded love-seekers just like you.

($600 Value)
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Magnetize True Love

10-Month Group-Coaching Program

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Our Cruise Line Reviews

Hear what other satisfied guests have gained from working with your Cruise Director...

“Dear Dumari, Hi and Thank you! We’re having a wonderful time in the Bahamas.”

-Amy & Alan

“What a gift you and your work are for this planet! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dumari, for following your heart and your inner wisdom, and helping us follow ours!”

- Chris P

“Your workshop was really moving, emotionally and spiritually. I am so glad I came! When I looked in the mirror the next morning, I looked different, more alive and even felt better!” 

- Mary

“So many insights and new perspectives. I am already seeing a big shift and healing happening within me.” 

- Anne

“The H.E.A.R.T.S. Way” Guarantee

This proven step-by-step process was divinely inspired, and my clients and I have put it to the test over the last 5 years.  It works. This program will completely transform your experience of love in your life, no matter what stage you happen to be at now.

I guarantee that as long as you put forth an honest effort,  you will be satisfied with your results.

Cancellation Policy

Please notify my team via email within 30 days of the program’s start date if you have any extenuating circumstances that will impede your experience. 

Any questions? Email Dumari at [email protected].

F. A. Q & Answers

Other questions? 

Schedule a complimentary “True Love Breakthrough Session" with Dumari here or email Dumari’s team at [email protected].

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